Your role as a group leader is vital. We will need to be in close communication with each other in the weeks leading up to your event to ensure the best experience for your attendees. Great planning enables your participants to get the most out of your event, and we know that planning is not easy. Our Guest Service Associates will contact you leading up to your event to coordinate important details. Here is some information that will be helpful as you plan for your time at Michindoh.

The document checklist will let you know what items we need to make your file complete.
Our contract details highlights the often overlooked aspects of the contract.
The map of the grounds is helpful to pass out to your participants.
Document Checklist

We need these items submitted in order to serve your group:

> A signed copy of the contract, by the date indicated on the contract

> Proof of non-profit status (if this applies to your group)

> Proof of Liability Insurance (we are unable to serve groups without this form on file) Click here to view a sample Proof of Liability Insurance form

> A copy of your schedule, this ensures everything is accurate and helps prevent conflict with other groups on campus (at least two weeks prior to event)

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Golf Cart Rentals

Take advantage of this retreat enhancing option! Reservations are first come first served! To reserve a golf cart for your stay at Michindoh, contact your Guest Services Associate. All Michindoh golf carts must be rented prior to bringing a golf cart from off campus or renting from an outside source.

$50 Day Only
$100 Two Days, One Night
$150 Three Days, Two Nights
$200 Four Days, Three Nights
$250 Five Days, Four Nights
$25 Each Additional Day Beyond Five

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Michindoh has a number of on-campus activities to bring fun and excitement to your retreat. Head over to the activities page to view the complimentary and paid activities offered at Michindoh. Be sure to sign up for these by speaking with your Guest Services Associate and indicate them on your schedule.

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Contract Details

We understand the format of a contract can sometimes be overwhelming, so here is a listing of several details of the contract in an easy to understand format:

> Michindoh reserves the right to simultaneously book the facilities, when capacity allows.

> A final count must be submitted with a schedule at least two weeks prior to date of arrival.

> A group leader must bring a check for at least the minimum guarantee upon arrival.

> Final balance is due fifteen calendar days after departure.

> If actual attendance is below the guaranteed attendance, groups will pay for the guaranteed attendance amount (food and lodging).

> If a group cancels, they are liable to pay the full guaranteed attendance amount unless Michindoh can find a replacement group, then only the deposit is forfeited.

> Michindoh prohibits smoking in all buildings and on grounds.

> Use or possession of alcohol and illegal drugs is prohibited.

> No pets.

> Unclaimed lost and found items will be disposed of accordingly after 30 days.

> No food or drinks in meeting rooms unless approved by Michindoh staff.

> Michindoh Guest Service Staff will assign meeting rooms; guest preferences are taken into consideration.

> Check-in time for lodging is 4:00 pm.

> Check-out time for lodging is 11:00 am.

> There is an 11:00 pm noise curfew for all outdoor areas and indoor areas near overnight lodging.

> $5.00 fee assessed for each unreturned key.

> Groups are responsible for their own medical care and first aid treatment.

> Groups will submit a copy of their liability insurance and nonprofit status (if applicable).

> Guest groups must provide at least one adult supervisor for every ten school age participants and provide adult supervision of all youth activities (including free times).

> Vehicles may park in designated areas only. Unauthorized or reckless use of motorized vehicles is prohibited.

> Michindoh prohibits the use of any motorized recreational vehicles (trail bikes, snowmobiles, go-carts, etc.).

> Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, etc. are restricted to specific areas and are to be used only as part of a supervised activity or under parental supervision.

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Map of Grounds
Click here to download a PDF of the map.
Click here to view an interactive map of our grounds.
Whether you want something sweet or savory our snack menu will satisfy those cravings. Snacks are a great addition to your program during breaks in your schedule or in the evening after your program wraps up. Enjoy your snacks in the dining room or delivered to your meeting room. Snacks requests must be placed at least two weeks in advance.

Snack Shack Cards Are Available!
Individuals or groups can purchase Snack Shack cards in $5.00 increments - a great choice for family and youth summer camps. Campers do not need to worry about carrying cash or losing the card; once purchased, we will keep the card in the Snack Shack. Groups can purchase cards ahead of time and save 10%.

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