Family Programs at Michindoh
In response to a growing interest in vacation opportunities for Christian families, Michindoh is sponsoring several Family Retreat weeks and weekends. The Family Retreats have minimal programming to allow families to determine their own pace and level of activities. A special program or activity will be offered each evening to encourage fellowship and recreation opportunities. Many of Michindoh's recreation options are available to our Family Retreat guests.
Check out our activities page to see what sort of fun activities you and your family can do!

2019 Retreat Dates

Weekend Retreat
August 9-11 (Friday dinner - Sunday lunch)

Additional Opportunities
Michindoh's family retreats are fully programed events for individual families. For private or group reservations, such as a family reunion, contact us for rates and availability: 517-523-3616, Private and group reservations are not fully programmed, but programming elements may be purchased for an additional cost.
Click here for the brochure, which contains more information and the registration forms.

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